Search engine optimisation & marketing

Already have a website? Not ranking very well with the search engines? Potential customers cannot find you? Spent hundreds of pounds having a site designed but can't find it on Google?

Support my office can help you achieve success online.

There is no big secret to improving your ranking on the major search engines. A little bit of planning, research and text changes is all it usually takes to find yourself climbing up the results page.

Unlike many companies, we don't try and tie you into a horrendously expensive monthly contract. We offer a 'one off' optimisation service which is aimed at small businesses, sole traders and individuals. This service is ideal for people who's web sites do not change very often, and just need the occasional tweak to keep them ahead of the competition.SEO logo

Prices start at just £80 per site (based on a 5 page site, then £10 per additional page). Prices include:

Obviously some sites may require more work, or even a complete 're-design' to be able to compete with their competitors. Because of this, we offer a free service where we check your site's current rankings, and see if we can improve them.

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